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@渋谷スープカレー食堂 ROCKETS 道玄坂店


しゃぼん と しるく
 Soap Bubble & Silk
ぼたんいろ と いくつかの かわ。
 Pink & Rivers
おかし と むすめ
 Girls & Candies


Women who study and create in various fields, such as music, photography, film, and theater, come together to do what they think is "only possible now“. Performances included singing, dancing, sign language, and video screenings. The venue was a recreation of a girl's or woman's living space, and on the walls of the restrooms and store, women's written voices were written on paper and pasted with decorations. The performances were held in a space where the audience could have a warm, well-balanced meal while watching the performances.

出演者(cast): manami, maria, meiko kawabuchi, ririko, sophia, takami naomi
映像 (film editing): ren, yukiko nishino
撮影(director of film): yukiko nishino
音楽(music): matsuoka natsuki
イラスト(illustration): ibu
写真・美術(director of photograph / designer): alisa

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