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TPAM2018 Fringe 参加作品




「わたし、24歳になったら おんなのこはおわりだっておもってた。」 何歳からおとなで おばさんで おばあちゃんで、いつになったら わたしは あなたに ポーカーで 勝てるんだろう。わたしの 手札は 何時迄も ダークマター。それでもいつかは お嫁さん。ロイヤルフラッシュすとれいと。

“I thought that when I turn 24, I’ll be past my expiration date as a girl.” Someday I’ll grow up, be like auntie, then nanny, and someday I may even win a poker game against you. My hand will always be like dark matter, but I’ll still be a bride someday. A royal flush or straight whatever.


TPAM2018 Fringe 参加作品
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@飯島商店 (URL :

The work develops the thoughts and perspectives of a woman working in a brothel, a woman with severe mental and physical disabilities living in a welfare facility, and a woman working in a facility for the disabled, all in one room. How are the worlds of these three women, who live in seemingly completely different places in a complex and intertwined society, connected and related? What do these women see, feel, and search for? The performance depicts their earnest desires by representing the view and the existence beyond the mirror in which they are reflected. This performance is a combination of play and dance. It also takes place in a space where the audience can share their impressions and have a warm, well-balanced meal after viewing the performance.

Participated in TPAM 2018 Fringe

出演者(cast) : Erika(moratorium pants), Renchan, Maria, Kakinoha nara
調理と受付 (cooking and reception ): yo-ko, naoko, iizuka, non, ma1
手話翻訳(translation into Sign Language) : ayumi
英語翻訳(translation into English): zhong
撮影(cameraman): arisa
制作(producer): Amechan
協力(cooperation): ibu, Iijimashoten, TPAM2018

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