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「今日が、いま を 生きていて、生きていない、ヒト へ。」

"Today, living now and not living now. To such people."

1900年代、実際に生きていた女性を題材にした作品制作の、ワークインプログレス公演。横浜に生まれ、戦後短大の英文科に通った女性が、山手の病院にて就労し、外国籍の男性と恋をする。見ていた景色、聞いた声、 その居場所を通して、彼女の触覚や嗅覚をたどりながら、そこにあったであろう欲望を、彼女の姪への視線を通して描く。ダンスに重きを置いた公演。

A work-in-progress performance of a production based on a woman who actually lived in the 1900s. A woman who was born in Yokohama and studied English literature at a junior college after the war, worked at a hospital in Yamate, and fell in love with a foreign man. Through the sights she saw, the voices she heard, and the places she was in, the work traces her sense of touch and smell, and depicts the desires that must have existed there through the eyes of her niece. This is a performance with an emphasis on dance.

演出・出演(director/cast): まりあ maria  
出演・振付(cast/choreographer): 柿の葉なら nara kakinoha

スタッフ(staff): あめちゃん amechan
フライヤー(flyer design): いしわた ishiwata

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