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パルTAMAフェス 2019 参加作品


@パルテノン多摩 十字路ステージ



“But surely, surely, I will have your baby.”


This work is based on a woman who actually lived in the 1900s. She was born in Yokohama and studied English literature at a junior college after the war, worked at a hospital in Yamate, and fell in love with a foreign man. The discriminatory attitudes toward foreigners that remain in the town immediately after the war, the woman's lost right to self-determination, and her gradually deteriorating mental state. This is the story of a niece and a great aunt born and raised in a hopeless situation. This is a performance with an emphasis on dance.

演出・出演(director/cast): まりあ
出演(cast): 徳安慶子
写真(photographer): alisa
スタッフ(staff): 樋口恋 あめちゃん
フライヤー(designer of flyer): 大橋未東
音楽・音響(sound designer): 中岡尚子
協力(cooperation): 柿の葉なら, パルテノン多摩

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